Die living, instead of live dying.

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Thought I should actually update this because before it didn't really say much about me.

Physical/Primary stats:
Birthdate: 4/4/1981, Clark AFB, Phillipines. I am an Aries with Mars, Venus, the Sun, and Moon all conjunct, all in Aries.
Height/weight: 5'4" 1/2"/ 153 lbs
Hair: Brown/red cut in a medium fade high-and-tight, soon to be dyed black I think. Did black, then red, the highlights/lowlights. Back to my normal brown. Formerly green.
State of Residence: Alaska
Languages: A little Japanese and some German.
Tattoos/Piercings: One, Japanese kanji "bushi" which means, "Warrior" on the nape of my neck, three more planned. Planning on a lip piercing - I would love to, but can't with my job. I have an ear pierced.

Things about me:
I make New Years Resolutions and I actually try and keep them. I swore that I'd always try to tell the truth sometime in my distant, misguided past and I have tried to live up to that since. I travel a lot, so far I've visted about 34 of the 50 states (mainly haven't been in the New England area) and 10 other countries. I dropped out of high school, went back, got my diploma and am now just out of college. I was honorably medically discharged from the United States Marine Corps. I really love body modification and all sorts of freakish things. I scored a 24% on the last 500 question Purity Test I took.

I'm a competitive martial artist, studying the martial arts of jujitsu, sambo, boxing, and wrestling. I compete at the national level in the North American Grappling Association tournaments. I'm also a long distance runner and training to run my first marathon in January of 2007, with another in March of 2007. I'd like to grow into triathalons by the end of 2007 and ultra-marathons by 2010.

About my personality:
I'm intelligent, arrogant and driven. In school I majored in Physics and Mathematics, but I left college when I found something pretty high speed that paid extremely well. The kind of people I like have a lot of the same qualities as me. I like people with drive - people who aren't satisfied with their lot in life and actively seek to change it.

At the same time, I am a humanist and also a pagan, and am passionate about our events and tragedies and how it affects the people of our world. It is my hope to volunteer with an international volunteer entity (maybe even the peace corps) within the next year.

In May of 2006, I decided to reenlist in the United States Marine Corps. I ain't heard no fat lady!

My personal goals:

Short term (less than one year):
Gainful employment in a career. - Time elapsed: 8 days.
Buy the new car that I want. (Honda Accord, EX Special Edition) May 20th, 05. Time elasped: 66 days.
Pay my parents the approximately two thousand that I owe them.
Go to London in December. Decided to go to Vegas instead. Leaving Nov. 18th.
Move into my own apartment. - Moving in June 1st. Moved in April 27th.
Go to the next Gathering of the Juggalos!
See NIN in concert.
Get accepted into the AMP program at Lithia.
Get down to 12% body fat. (Febuary, 2006)
Get to 175 lbs before October 2nd, 2005. (Currently at 162, gained 20 lbs, 13 more to go!)
Graduate MCT with a billet. (Squad Leader is what I want, but I'll settle for Scribe.)
Graduate MOS School in the top 5% of my class.
Be meritoriously promoted to Corporal.
Run 5km in 20m or less.
Run 20.96km (a Halfathon) and finish.

Mid term (1-5 years):
Buy my own house. (June, January, 2006) ? I need to decide where I'm going to live, first.
Become fully billingual in German. (August, 2006)
Become a finance manager at a car dealership. (May, 2007) I'm no longer a civilian.

Long term (5-10 years):
Visit Europe again, especially England, and Germany.
Become multilingual in French, Russian and Japanese.
Save enough money to move out of the United States for a few years.
Buy 20-40 acres in Georgia and begin building a family estate.